Friday, April 11, 2008


well .. like i said .. in a very good mood today , so i feel like writing something..
our stupid exams just got over, the reason i say stupid, its as obvious as "why the sun rises in the east", "why cant i fly on dragonback, " "why the chicken crossed the road"!!! somethings just dont have an answer,no arguements, hands down, examinations are SICK!!! . The worst part is, i just study for the goddamn thing all the time, even though my brain is telling me , every inch of the way,what an idiot i am being, eventhough i keep harping on the fact that exams are stupid!!! i dont know y, i just study!!! i've never felt this way before, i always thought that exams were kind of a necessary toilet break or, but this year, after i came to know about this stunning paper know as DIGITAL COMMUNICATION(DC), my brain has just lost its capacity to bear with the utmost difficulties, coz i seriously dont think there can be anything as mentally challening and tiresome as this !!!!! well part of the reason being that we have an absolute WHIZ(read as wiward) of a professor( his degree being SMOKING CRAP!!). His teaching is so divine and so pure and so fulfilling and so entertaining and so infromative and so energetic and so MY ASS!!!! i mean i could just watch someone wearing a PINK shirt, PURPLE underwear and a yellow TIE with maggot CHAPS in his mouth riding a FLUROSCENT BIKE and singing "MEIN AISA KYOON HOON", for 3 pi hours( 'pi' can take any value) instead of being in class. Seriously this is something one has to experince to understand the degree of endurance and courage that they possess to be able to keep emotions in check and refraining from mouthing obseniteis.. well if u CAN, then u must be a SAINT!!!

Whats the point in writing such an exam when u are doing it agianst ur will!!! well as i said before, somehow i DID ,like i do every FUCKIN TIME( see for urself.. even writing about it makes me SWEAR).well now my good mood has vanished into the smoke as thick and STINKING as the one which surrounds our WALKING CHIMNEY(i think u must have figured it out by now).y?? just thinking of the fact that i am gonna have to study that for atleast 3 more months and write 2 exams!!! and i am sure ,no matter what i feel about it and what i write about it, i'll just end up studying it and writing it ...PATHETIC rite!!!

thats about it for the day, my DC text seems to be luring me to evergreen bliss and ecstacy, to the PURE feeling of HELPLESSNESS.. u cant enjoy it, its something that only the very elite few like me get..OH WAIT BABY, I'LL PICK YOU UP RITE NOW AND START ...... what were u thinking ......READING :D !!!!


g-man said...

chimney alla aliya...theevandi! nice post, i enjoyed it. especially since you swore in it. its a delight to listen to you swear you know. i learn some stuff wen you do :) nice post man, keep bloggin!

g-man said...

you have been tagged!!!

MaStEr KeNoBi said...

kohllam.. hehe.. well i thought u were gonna knight our dc sir.. for his extraordinary services and pure devotion and utmost sincere commitment to the subject..

cain l337pwn3r said...

chimney...rofl...i liked that[:d]

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