Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CHRISTMAS- just another day

well, it is christmas today, nothing to make me jump in delight..if it were not for the numerous cakes i received , i would have gone mad with boredom, after all eating is one of my favourite hobbies.. with the stupid exams coming up, i have to be studying all the time, which as u can expect, I HATE!!!!! i exercised my vocab skills very well indeed, cursing all the god damn authors whose texts we are supposed to STUDY from..
once again i got online and began searching for reviews for my processor , which by the way is an INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6850 CONROE clocked at 3 Ghz with 4MB of L2 CACHE( i atone for the dreadful mistake in my previous post, there is no processor such as the core 2 quad e6750)..I'd recommend this processor for anyone that aint gonna OC that often, it's a really fast and effecient processor and out-performs even the CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 is some areas(but not all). for futher details, refer the link
nothing more , gonna have lunch!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


bloody hell! this was the most boring day of my life, i spend the whole day staring at my text book and eventually realising that it doesn't look that good....at one point i tried counting the no of words in the only page that i read today, each time  i ended up with one more!!!!!!!  just one of those stupid old days when nothing holds any interest for you!!!!!!   to emphasis my point further, i even felt that "GOD OF WAR" was boring.. only yesterday did i tell hari that it was the best game along with prince of persia , i had ever played!!!!!!! even sleep deserted me, i tore one of my pillows in outright frustration, getting a good scolding from amma after that...
                                     In a last attempt to make this wretched day of some interest i tried messaging one of my freinds... i send her about 15 messages and it kept saying " message sending delayed"... that pretty much summed it up.. finally i thought of  blogging... thats it...
 for one of the few times in my short life i prayed that tomorrow hold something interesting in store for me.....
adios.. hektor commands.....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

well finally i feel like updating my blog!!!!!!!! yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! . i just finished the last boon in the " legends of the raven series"- demonstorm by james barclay. he has come to be ny best author after who else but the irreplacable DAVID GEMELL!!!. its had everything from elves , dragons, barbarians, mages, cavalry and everything else to make it a must read for any fantasy lover.. i particularly liked the "taigethen", the elite elven hunter trios," auum" their leader was awesome.. barclay describes his fight scenes with such heroism and power, that putting the book down doesn't even enter ur thought process.. well all this was in the afternoon.. had to complete the stupid records after that, such a waste of time and energy for something which is made to look so insignificant and trivial.i can't remember a single teacher who actually "LOOKED" at my record.. all of them merely practice putting their signatures in the last page.. that hogged up a vast majority of my time in the afternoon.. evening came a welcome relief, i just threw all the records back into the shelf and planted myself in front of my PC. i read through a couple of reviews of the INTEL CORE2 quad E6750.. i have almost zeroed down on it as the baby to succed my AMD 3200 beast. gnks actually showed me his wish list and asked me to leave out the PS3 part, funny really considering that what remained was a 21" high def monitor, an NVIDIA 8800ULTRA GPU....... this guy really has a sense of humour.
thats the biggest blog i have written for some time, so naturally i am spent( :D)
fear not , HEKTOR COMMANDS!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2007


finally i can get down to writing my first blog entry of any kind suppressing all my sleepiness(i played a lot of basketball yesterday).me, hari, petti and vishnu went to see a movie yesterday, the much talked about "300" and i will never forget the experience!!!!! the day i reaslied the power of men and the valour of a spartan warrior.i had read about spartans combats and war strategies in the book titled " SPARTAN" written by massimo valerio manfredi.The shouts of "SPARTANS" by the king leonidas are still ringing in my ears and the sight of the "IMMORTALS" still haunt me.it was all set up my the drive from college to the theatre , hari with his "CONTROLLED AGGRESSION" whisked through the busy roads and my adrenaline was already pumping and hitting unexpected levels. after a brief wait outside the theatre, petti got us the tickets and we stepped inside the theatre where we were joined by anand, one of vishnu's friends and then the fun began, hari was kinda head-banging alredy and petti was restless.the movie began after a stupid series of advertisements and the roar was deafening!!!!!!! all was sort of mild and sedate till the scene where king leonidas kicked the persian messenger into the pit, woh, what impact !!!!!!!!!!!! then the war began and all of us watched open mouthed, marvelling at the agility and the skill of the spartans and the interval came as a welcome relief to me as i was very
thirsty. after two packets of frooti, the movie continued.i grew sad as the spartans fell one by one and finally leonidas himself was downed by something like 5000 arrows. thus ended the best experience of my life.
after the movie , we went to christ nagar school and played basketball. just to prolong the "300 effect", i tried a shot from the half way line and lo!!! it went in , A MOST REMARKABKE SWISH!!!!!!!
any of u haven't seen the movie, put down what ever u are doin and u get to ur nearest theatre!!!!!!!
all hail king leonidas and his almighty 300!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

the beginning

hello everybody, this is mah first blog entry of any kind,the reason for that being , ahem ahem..... LAZINESS(i am infested with it!!!!!!!!!). i am not of the habit of writing regularly, it only comes to me in the rarest of rare ocassions, i usually make that count. so dont expect posts from me everyday, only the ocassional visit will do!!!!!!!

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