Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've heard it said a thousand times before , but it took me till JAN 25TH 2009( thats today) to realise how much that's true.. "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION".

The champion in question is Roger Federer who i think will soon be earning a very funny but apt nickname.. GOAT-"Greatest Of All Time". It was the third round of the Australian Open 2009 with the Fedex playing Tomas Berdych , a very accomplished professional. The head to head predicted only one outcome with federer having won their last 7 meetings without dropping a set.
Lets get to it. Within an hour and a half , the GOAT was 2 sets down and staring down the barrel.

The third set got under way and fed broke only to be broken back straight away and i admit i thought that was it .This was not going to be his day.But as all champions do, the fed dug deep, very very friggin deep and got the third set. scrapping through the fourth set , he managed to edge it 6-4 and it was all square. The last set was a formality with roger wrapping up the stunning comeback.. People might argue that berdych was playing with a thigh injury, but i say that u gotta be tough to be a champion.He might have got lucky, but you have to be there to be lucky!!

2 sets down and 3 games away from the biggest shock of his life, how can the guy even think of winning. He said afterwards in his press conference " you gotta hang in there, there's no other solution" . But think of it , the guy has 13 majors and has the highest prize money in the sport. How can it not hurt his pride to be in such a situation and afterall the guy is human.. common.. the thought of losing must have crossed his mind atleast for a second. Would his pride sustain such a bitter blow considering the loss would have dropped him down to no 3 in the world rankings. just come to think of it. The man has held the top spot for a record 237 "CONSECUTIVE" weeks . Surely his mind would cripple especially since his heartbreaking loss in lat years Wimbeldon final to his nemesis nadal having come back from 2 sets down there as well and losing 9-7 in the fifth..The world would say" THIS IS THE END".

The thing is, the guy is human , he makes the most ridiculous plays, commits the most elementary errors, has loads of over confidence...BUT...he is a CHAMPION!! Its a Champions pride that drives him on. its not over until a champion says it is.

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