Thursday, January 24, 2008


t'was one of those days when i was absolutely stunned, gaping open mouthed at something that appeared nigh impossible until then!!! i was wactching the semifinals ... well i think we should call it the BEATING round of the austraian open.. the irrepressible spaniard, rafael nadal, the world no 2 nicknamed "RAFA THE BULL" just found his match in someone nicknamed "ali".. yep thats right , the legendary muhammad ali... i expected a tight match with rafa scrapping through in the end, but what materialised was a part of tennis history.. well .. to introduce the man himself .. jo-wilfred-tsonga from the quite city of le' mans in france ,ranked 43 in the world, yet to win 3 matches on the trot in any ATP event, a guy i dint even know existed before the tournament began... he walked on to court with so much calm and composure a la the SWISS WHIZ roger federer.. what followed was what left me "DUMBFOUNDED"... well .. i think its right to say.. nadal took a massive beating.. tsonga pummedling forehand after forehand not to mention the masssive serve down the T and the occasional kicker out wide ... that was all that was to be seen henceforth.. and would u believe the guy has exquisite touch and feel at the net.. after one of the numerous drop volleys which nadal could not retrieve, the spaniard loooked at the heavens and smiled!!!! this clearly would not be his day.. final score . 6-3,6-2,6-3 .. pretty emphatic ... against the player considered to have the best return of serve..
federer scheduled to play djokovic( the heir apparent) the next day, would have been thinking- what the hell , what am i gonna do...
i am eagerly awaiting the finals with my prediction being that roger would win in straight sets 7-6, 6-4,7-5.. we'll how things pan out...
until then.. adios... alle

Thursday, January 3, 2008


finally i managed to go flat out on my besat, the HONDA UNICORN 150CC, 13.3 bhp. zipped through the national highway 47 at 110 kmph, with gnks behind was actually one of petti's weird plans after we met up at the bike stand at college after a rather.... PREDICTABLE maths exam... govind ,petti( his nickname happens to be arjun :D) , gnks, nikhil and jacob were the others ... 3 unicorns were no match for jacob's macho P220, but yet i managed to keep up a respectable pace behind petti and jacob... it was truly awesome , the engine response so very musical and ridint stability was just PERFECT... we reached kovalam at about 2.. for some reason that i cant fathom, we walked from one end of the beach to the other, talking rubbish in the blazing sun...
i had enough of all this and we were on our way back within the hour..

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